Consultations at Joint Regeneration

When you need expert care and treatment for something that’s bothering you, a consultation is just what you need. The Joint Regeneration team offers different types of consultations, including general consultations and second opinions. The team learns more about you and what treatment can help during your consultation. To schedule a consultation, call the Joint Regeneration team today, or schedule an appointment on the website.

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What is a consultation?

A consultation is a way for you to meet the team and to get advice and treatment for a condition you’re experiencing. There are many different types of consultations, including a general consultation.

General consultations happen when you have a problem or injury for which you need treatment. Instead of your primary care doctor, a consultation usually occurs with a specialist. In this case, the team offers consultations for joint problems and pain.

When do you need a consultation?

There are many different instances when you may need to seek out a consultation. For example, if you’re hurt and your primary care doctor recommends you see a specialist, you would need a consultation with the team.

That consultation involves getting a diagnosis and a treatment plan to help you resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Another type of consultation is a second opinion. If you’ve been to another provider but aren’t sold on their options for treatment, you may seek out the consultation of the team at Joint Regeneration in Watkinsville, Georgia to discuss other options.

General consultations happen when you have a chronic condition that just doesn’t seem to go away on its own. The team offers general consultations for joint pain and other conditions that affect the joints in your body.

What should you expect at your consultation?

The team gets to know you through a detailed medical history and a physical exam at your consultation. These help the team paint a picture of what’s going on in your body that could be causing your pain or other symptoms.

They also inquire about your family history as well, especially when it comes to chronic issues like arthritis. This can be helpful in determining what’s going on in your body to cause you pain and immobility.

Imaging studies may be obtained if you haven’t had any done recently. If you’re coming in for a second opinion, it’s important that you bring any imaging studies you’ve done recently, along with paperwork that shows what your treatment plan was.

After a thorough medical history, examination, and imaging, the team sits down with you to discuss your options. At your consultation, the team discusses both the condition or injury and what treatment options are best for you.

If you’re in need of an expert consultation, don’t hesitate to call the Joint Regeneration team today or book an appointment on the website.